Magic Law is a type of magic where ghosts that have committed crimes are judged and then sentenced.

Magic Law AssociationEdit

The main headquarters of Magic Law is located somewhere in the mountains in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The Magic Law Association bought the mountains and established several offices, creating a town. Located here is the Magic Law School, where the young are trained to become Magic Law practitioners. Children from all over the world come here to learn Magic Law.


If a ghost commits a crime, such as attacking a human, possession, and haunting, then the ghost is to be judged by an Executor. When the Executor decides on whether the ghost will go to heaven, hell, or the river Styx, he/she will summon an Envoy to subdue the ghost and take it to wherever it has been sentenced to.

If the ghost is more belligerent than others, it can be subdued with Artifacts, such as Wards.


In Magic Law, there is a hierarchical system. Certain ranks can use certain artifacts and other forms of Magic Law. From highest to lowest:

  • Judge: The second highest rank and the only rank allowed to use Ward Circles. Known Judges include: Yoichi Himukai and Hanao Ebisu.
  • Assistant Judge: The third highest rank. Known assistant judges include: Ginji Sugakiya.
  • First Clerk: The fourth highest rank. Known first clerks include: Jiro Kusano (provisional).