Artifacts are tools that aid Magic Law practitioners and perform many different functions. They are made by Artificiers, who cannot use the artifacts themselves.

List of ArtifactsEdit

  • Book of Magic Law: Used by Executors only; Contains the laws of magic and also includes a space for envoys to sign their names, approving a contract.
  • Wards: Pieces of paper that are enchanted with a Pen of Wards, and then thrown at ghosts to stun or bind them.
  • Pen of Wards: Enchants the wards by drawing a symbol on them.
  • Portable Magic Circle: A portable magic circle that can transport someone almost anywhere, so long as there is another circle it can connect to.
  • Orbs of Dissipation:
  • Dagger of Absolving: This dagger was used by Roji to cut Teeki from Enchu. Bobby said initially that dagger was the only Magic Law artifact that could send a ghost to heaven. While the spirit had only been lying, it came of use when Muhyo's gang wanted to dispose of Teeki, but save Enchu.